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Upcoming Events

Assessments - Assessments are scheduled with Kenn Parker (cmn@acop.ca) at an agreed upon time. Planting churches is difficult. In current culture where people have not given up on spirituality but also not embraced the church, the task of launching a new congregation is a costly endeavour.

In order to foster a healthy plant, it is helpful to assess the lead planter and to discern issues of call and competency, character and teamwork. There are numerous indicators that help people to determine if planting is right for them and then how they may approach the task.

The CMN has partnered with Church Planting Canada to do assessments.
Here is a link to their upcoming assessment dates: C2C Network - Assessment Calendar

Upcoming Bootcamps - AFTER a planter has completed the assessment and is approved to proceed, the Bootcamp is designed specifically for planters and planting teams to think through both the “Why?” and the “How?” questions about being a demonstration of the Kingdom of God in their context.

This multi-day event seeks to push teams to clearly articulate their plans and vision, but only after they have wrestled with the relationship between their understanding of the mission of God and their particular context. “Who is God? Where is He at work? In what does He invite them to participate?”

The CMN has partnered with Church Planting Canada to do bootcamps.
Here is a link to their upcoming bootcamp dates: Church Planting Canada - Bootcamp Dates